Our Approach


First with the latest social media trends. Always a step ahead. Working smart, having a win-win solutions for everybody.

Uniting dynamic multimedia with shopping, nightlife, promoters and members. Creating an easy engine that works.

Helping our member know where to go and what to do.

lets work together for a win win solution, let us help you know where you want to go today.

– CYOU Everywhere

Our Story


The beginning

CYOU.gr Nightlife Directory of Greece started with a big picture in mind. To be the most popular Nightlife Directory of Greece. We are in a constant state of growth. Multimedia is always changing and we have morphed along with the latest trends. We lead and empower our associates to win.


We work together with Associates and freelancers to offer an engine that will empower the venue owner and his multimedia content.

In return promotes awareness out to members that will result in profit.

Freelancer Alliance 

Together we unite and create more. We all win by offering a better service to our members.

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